Hi I'm Matt,

Thanks for visiting my site. I put this up to better serve my clients... here I have most of my listings for apartment rentals in the New York City area for your convenience. Feel free to browse all day! Hopefully you'll find something you like. I update these listings for the management company I work for (OpenHouse Management) every few days, so if I don't have anything that catches your eye today, please keep checking back, and I'm sure I'll have something for you in the future.

If there are any listings here that you have questions about, or would like to see photos for (but for which I've been too lazy to put them up), feel free to reach out to me.

You can call or text me any time at 212 470 9318, or you can email me at 82mkoracin@gmail.com.

Remember, I have every incentive to give you the best service I can, because my goal is to be your agent any time you'll need to find a place to live in the future.

Thank you! Have an amazing day!


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